Provence trough time


I arrived in Provence, I fell in love with it. Its people, its villages, its hills, its dry stone paths, its language fascinated me. This rich, sparsely populated region still maintains its identity in spite of a more and more current globalization. The villages, by their aspect and their inhabitants hide a long history. As if in every village, in every stone, in every person, I could perceive the different civilizations that left their mark once and which are still visible today in this territory.


before I left, I felt a very strong love and a kind of nostalgia, sadness for having to leave Provence. The idea is to show the identity of the region, how it has been shaped over time and what has become today. I made my own mourning while taking those pictures and walking the places that I loved deep in my heart. These images are part of a personal photographic project. They are long-exposure photographs, taken with a welding filter mounted on the lens using a box of chocolates that I arranged myself for that purpose.

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